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About Julie Schweizer

"I was raised on a farm in southern Ontario with my parents and three sisters. I have passionate and lasting memories of this upbringing. Our family farms forests, open fields, and backyard marsh was my playground.  I spent my days on adventure walks with my grandfather, climbed trees and built forest forts with my sister.  The farm animals were our playmates.  I lost time in the marsh speaking to my imaginary forest friends, searching for frogs, snakes, and creatures of the like.  This home setting is the foundation from which I contribute my great love and connection with mother-earth and all animals.


We are all an extension of mother-earth.  We ebb and flow with her… her health and well-being is directly connected to our health and well-being.  We simply would not, could not, exist without her.  I strongly believe a vast number of us are disconnected from ourselves.  We are trapped in a cycle of doing, spinning, chasing our proverbial tails. We simply do, to exist and acquire. We are dissatisfied, frustrated and sad, many depressed. We experience sickness because of this dis-ease and disconnection of Self.


The focus and intention within all the varied modalities I facilitate, whether it be yoga, meditation, sound journeying or reflexology, is to guide people inward to connect and heal.  This individual healing, in turn, helps to heal the world around us. With every inner opening, we release another layer of our outer shell, which creates a stronger connection to the true inner reality. My goal is to integrate body and spirit to find liberation from within the body we inhabit. From this liberation one begins to tap into a manifestation energy current, engaging in life and creating from a new sense of vigor and an empowered self.  


Julie has studied and practiced different disciplines of yoga for more than twenty years. She has received yoga teaching certifications, and in 2015 is a certified foot reflexologist.  Applied mindfulness and mediation from the University of Toronto and most recently completed the Source resonance curriculum with the renowned Darren Austin Hall, in order to lead sound journeying."

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