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Currently we are offering a select number of private/semi-private and group classes on an "as-requested" basis. If you are interested in booking any of the options below, please send us an email at

book your next yoga class.


Yin or Yin/Yang session

private/semi-private (1-2 people)  $75 / 75 minutes

Private Small Group class

group class (3-8 people)  $150 / 75 minutes

meditation and mindfulness

Find your inner zen through mindfulness meditation.

Guided Meditation & Toning with Sound Journey

private/semi (1-2 persons) $75 / 75 minutes

group class (3-8 ppl) $150 / 75 minutes

Yoga, Guided Meditation with Sound Journey

private/semi (1-2 persons) $99 / 90 minutes

group class (3-8 persons) $175 / 90 minutes. 

Heal through the power of sound with this workshop.

Yoga and Meditation
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